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Schools in Wales are given funding on a 'per pupil' basis specifically to support and ensure comparable progress for all pupils in receipt of Free School Meals. Schools have to draw up detailed plans on how they will spend this money and then they have to show the progress that each pupil has made against the spending. All schools are required to publish the following information on their website about their PDG Funding:

  • The total number of pupils on school roll for September 2016 is 196.

  • The school’s current Free School Meal population is 6.7%

  • This is the same as the population for the previous year.

  • The school uses PDG funding to support pupils who currently receive Free School Meals or have done so previously (ever Free School Meals), prioritising those with the greatest need.

The total allocation of PDG to this school for April 2016 to March 2017 is £12,650. The school undertakes the following activities in order to support pupils facing the challenges of poverty and deprivation:

  • Employing a teaching assistant to lead on supporting and monitoring progress of pupils in receipt of Free School Meals including 1-2-1 working in line with their individual needs for example MAT provision or social and emotional skill development.

  • To pay for proportions of support staff salaries to provide additional catch up and mentoring programmes e.g Fresh Start;


The school’s PDG and Education Achievement Grant plans are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from the EAS (Educational Achievement Service) and monitored by the Local Authority.

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