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School Governors are responsible for the strategic development and direction of a school. They work closely with the Headteacher and staff as a critical friend. Policies, budgets and development plans are overseen and agreed by the Governing Body.


To ensure that there is a wide amount of expertise brought in to support the school, Governors come from a variety of backgrounds.


Parent Governors -parents of current children within the school, elected by parents

Teacher/Staff Governors -members of staff, elected by the teaching and support staff

Community Governors –  members of the local community, appointed by governors

LA Governors – appointed by the Local Authority

The Headteacher is normally a member of the Governing Body to disseminate information about the school.

Associate Governors can also be appointed but these have limited rights regarding decision making.

Chair of Governors:      Diana Binding

Vice Chair of Governors:   Peter Miln

Governors for safeguarding: Dr Sarah Neville and Mr Peter Miln

Community Gov apptd by GB/Cymunedol, penodwyd gan BLI

Lauren Hughes

Diana Binding

Martin Davies


Kathryn Everley

LA Appointed/Penodwyd gan yr ALI

Alison Denton

Peter Miln

Dr Sarah Neville

Minor Authority/Man Awdurdod

Jude Rogers

Parent Representative/Cynrychiolydd Rhiant

Vicky Hepburn-John

Georgina Morgan

Dr Ellis Hughes

Staff Representative/Cynrychiolydd Staff

Gemma Williams

Teacher Representative/Cynrychiolydd Athrawon

Julia Willis


Tess Deighton

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